Halcyon Annual Report 2022

A Letter From Our Co-Founder and CEO

Throughout 2022, Halcyon continued to grow and flourish while championing the power of the social entrepreneur. It was a year in which we refined our program model, tested new markets, and increased our footprint, both domestically and internationally.

We pushed ourselves to expand with the goal of proving that the future of capitalism is impact driven, and guess what? We’re succeeding.

In a year of firsts, we travelled to Amman, Jordan to conduct our first ever in-region residency for Halcyon’s MENA (Middle East/North Africa) Intensive. Later that year, we launched a program focused on impact-driven entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. We closed out 2022 with our Future Builders program, a cohort made up of Black and Latinx women and nonbinary founders from across the United States.

We continued our commitment to the DMV region, selecting entrepreneurs from local Opportunity Zones for our 4th and 5th Opportunity Intensive cohorts. We also ran our sector-agnostic Residential Program for the eighth year in a row, bringing together change-making founders from across the globe. In 2022, we supported 60 ventures and 76 fellows from 31 countries around the world, providing critical resources to ventures tackling 21st century issues spanning agriculture and food security, education, access to healthcare, climate resilience, and many more of the world’s most pressing challenges.

The Halcyon community rallied behind our fellows, supporting them in a quickly evolving landscape. We facilitated 125 hours of skills training, nearly 1,500 hours of pro bono legal assistance, 328 hours of leadership coaching and consulting, and 51 pitch practice sessions. Our partner and donor communities were able to provide $464,000 in non-dilutive stipend support to help de-risk and democratize who gets to be an entrepreneur, building a more equitable future for us all. By expanding our reach and continuing to build on our already established work to help bring even more climate, health, and equity-driven solutions to market.

We also saw some affirming wins from our financial instruments. Halcyon Fund I invested a total of $975,000, including two new investments, and had two successful exits from fund companies, as well as several increases in valuation. The Halcyon Angels issued five new investments totaling $495,000, and also saw two successful exits. We also issued $93,000 in microloans to seven local startups who needed an early boost. The microloan fund was a prototype we launched with help from the Kimsey Foundation in 2021. We were proud to announce that the principal capital was fully returned once, a milestone for our fund, so loans from 2022 and beyond are now being made from returned capital.

From the beginning, Halcyon has pushed boundaries and broken through barriers to tap into traditionally under resourced but highly impactful ventures. By the end of 2022 we had proudly supported 335 entrepreneurs with 288 startups – 75% of those companies have a female founder or cofounder, and 78% have a founder of color. Halcyon fellows have collectively raised over half a billion dollars in support of their ventures, created over 5,000 jobs, and impacted more than 9.2 million lives globally, spanning every sector and every Sustainable Development Goal.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge the thousands of Halcyon community members who gave their time and support. Without you, our global impact and continued growth would not have been possible. Now, we have entered 2023 with gratitude and hope as we pioneer new regions and serve more entrepreneurs than ever before. Thank you for following along on our journey.

Kate Goodall
Co-Founder and CEO

Financial Overview

Donor contributions to Halcyon go directly to funding our programs. Overhead and general operational costs are covered by our founders’ contributions and use of existing assets.


Program Expenses

Social Enterprise $2,245,227

Halcyon Awards $431,737

Halcyon Arts Lab $0

By The People $0

Other Programs $190,275

Total Programing Expenses $2,867,239

* Total Program Expenses Including In-Kind $4,258,667

Support Services

General & Administrative $244,551

Fundraising $191,397

Total Support Services $435,948

* Total Support Services Including In-Kind $1,450,580

Fellow Locations in 2022

Fellow Locations to Date

By The Numbers

Through December 31, 2022

Halcyon’s fellows are nothing if not resilient, growing and evolving in the face of many challenges.


million lives impacted by Halcyon ventures




jobs created

Over $500M

in funds raised by Halcyon ventures to scale their businesses


ventures with a woman or nonbinary founder


ventures with a founder of color

AWS MENA Intensive

The MENA Intensive served impact-driven startup founders across the Middle East and North Africa. Fellows receive a stipend, a one-week residency in Amman, Jordan, and leadership programing. This program is supported by the U.S. Department of State, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Marc and Leana Katz.

The time for businesses that work only to earn money is over. Having a structure like Halcyon that’s helping impactful startups is so important because impactful startups are feeling alone, for whatever reason, in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We need to find each other.

Hidayet El Ayadi AWS MENA Intensive 2022 CEO and Co-Founder of Sghartoon

AWS Africa Intensive

The Africa Intensive served tech-enabled entrepreneurs from sub-Saharan Africa. Fellows receive a stipend, six months of virtual leadership and business programing, and a one-week in-person residency at Halcyon. This program is supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

My time with Halcyon was the first time that I was able to fit in with a community and it was a game changer. It allowed me to develop and grow without any fear of being judged or being afraid to share the problems I was encountering. Halcyon changed my life.

Tamara Chayo Cohort 16 CEO and Co-Founder of MEDU Productions

Opportunity Intensive

The Opportunity Intensive served impact-driven business founders in the DMV whose ventures are based in or primarily serve government-designated Opportunity Zones. Fellows receive a stipend, a two-week-long residency at Halcyon, monthly programming, and leadership coaching. This program is supported by the U.S. Economic Development Administration, Capital One, Goodwin and Proctor, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and includes a microloan program in partnership with the Kimsey Foundation.

If you believe in social impact, there is no better way to spend your money and your support than behind Halcyon. The program, the advisors, coaches, legal team, everything that they give us is helping us grow our business and makes our world equitable.

Ruby "SunShine" Taylor Opportunity Intensive 2022 CEO and Founder of Financial Joy School

Residential Incubator Fellowship

Our original fourteen-week residential program provided skill training, consulting and legal support, leadership coaching, mentorship, a stipend, and rent-free housing to early-stage impact-driven business founders. This program is supported by S&R Evermay, Deloitte, Arnold & Porter, Bracewell, Capital One, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and HR Sage.


We are grateful for all the members of our Halcyon family and the ways in which they fuel impact year after year. The following groups of donors come together to make “HALCYON’s” work possible.

Board of Directors

  • Board Chair

    Martha Metz

    Metz Investments, LP

  • Byron Barnes

    Bank of America

  • Patrice King Brickman

    Inspire Capital, LLC

  • Petrocelli Brooks

    Glen Echo Capital

  • Michelle DiFebo Freeman

    Carl M. Freeman Companies

  • W. Matthew Kelly

    JBG Smith

  • Dr. Sachiko Kuno

    Halcyon Co-Founder, S&R Evermay

  • Kevin Lavin

    Arnold & Porter

  • Micky Pant

    Beyond Meat

  • Max Peterson

    Amazon Web Services

  • Karyn Smith


  • Kerone Vatel

    Capital One

Honorary Board

  • Ami Aronson

    Bernstein Family Foundation

  • Mary Ann Best

    Bernstein Private Wealth Management

  • Debbie Driesman

    Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman Foundation

  • Elisabeth Driscoll

    Bank of America Private Bank

  • Elizabeth Duggal

    Duggal Advisory LLC

  • Matthew Indre

    Total Wine & More

  • Isabelle Johnson

    S&R Evermay

  • Mark C. Lowham

    TTR/Sotheby’s International Realty

  • Mark McFadden

    McFadden Partners, Compass

  • David T. Menachery

    Goldman Sachs

  • Pattie Money

    Pinnacle Leadership

  • Rynthia Rost

    IBM Foundation

  • Wolf Ruzicka

    EastBanc Technologies

  • Jayne Sandman

    The Brand Guild


  • Agency 21

  • Alto

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Arnold & Porter

  • Baker Botts

  • Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

  • Barre 3

  • Brown-Forman

  • Robert and Cathy Butz

  • Cadre DC

  • Capital One

  • Connect Preneurs

  • Cotton Loops

  • Covington & Burling

  • Deloitte Consulting LLP

  • Design & Source Productions

  • EastBanc Technologies

  • Laura Evans


  • Goodwin & Procter

  • Heather Lynn Arts

  • The HR Sage

  • Il Canale

  • Jack Daniels Distillery

  • Kaliwa and Union Stage

  • Kroma

  • Laurel Lukaszewski

  • Zack Lynch

  • Taylor Malone

  • Manich Strategic, Inc.

  • Jaqcui Michel

  • Dale A. Mott and the Marriot Marquis

  • Lexi Mundi

  • The Newton Brothers

  • Max Peterson

  • The Phillips Collection

  • Pinnacle Leadership

  • Reston Limo

  • Rooster & Owl

  • Rose's At Home

  • S+P Medspa

  • S&R Evermay

  • Jayne Sandman

  • Jennifer Cornfeld Schenker

  • Candy Schibli

  • Score 3 Angels

  • Karyn Smith

  • South Block

  • Tamara

  • Thimble.io

  • Thomas Jefferson Foundation

  • Kei S. Tolliver Law, LLC

  • Ty Tolbert

  • Total Wine & More

  • Chloe Varelidi

  • Kerone Vatel

  • Vegetable + Butcher

  • The Washington Ballet

  • Julia Watkins

  • Wolf Trap Foundation

  • Rahama Wright


  • Amazon Web Services

  • Bank of America

  • Capital One

  • S&R Evermay

  • U.S. Department of Commerce

  • U.S. Department of State


  • Marc and Leana Katz

  • The Henry Luce Foundation

  • The MetLife Foundation

  • Service Now


  • Alliance Bernstein

  • The Kahlert Foundation

  • Kimsey Foundation

  • The Mulberry Essence Foundation


  • Alcaper

  • Abtin and Julia Buergari

  • Teresa Calson

  • The Community Foundation for NOVA

  • Kay Kendall and Jack Davies

  • Thomas Davidson

  • Robert Dwyer and Erika Zetty


  • Goldman Sachs

  • Robert Hisaoka

  • InterDigital

  • Invariant LLC

  • Joel Kaplan

  • Jodi Macklin

  • Mark and Lyn McFadden

  • Meta

  • The Nathan Cummings Foundation

  • Faraji Robinson

  • Jayne Sandman

  • Jennifer and Andrew Schenker

  • David and Courtney Straus

  • University of Virginia Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy Foundation

  • Jacqui Michel and David Weisman

  • VentureWell

  • Washington D.C. Economic Partnership

  • Zeal Capital Management


  • Cadre DC

  • Kristen Clark

  • Brendan Dignan

  • Margeaux Drake


  • Barbara Hawthorn

  • Ken Kido

  • Jonathan Legg

  • Eric and Sharapat Kessler

  • Russell and Randy Katz

  • Thomas and Kathy Raffa

  • Tom and Catherine Tinsley

  • John Cuppoletti and Danuta Malinowska

  • Maverick Collective

  • John and Lauri Mennel

  • Onward Together

  • PNC Bank


  • Kevin Bailey

  • Tom Balderston

  • Jessica Battaglia

  • Dr. Glynita Bell

  • Eben and Wendy Block

  • Kristina Bouweiri

  • Katherine Bradley

  • John Buckley

  • Kristin Buckley

  • Mary Bush

  • Caribou Financial, Inc.

  • Kathy Chamberlain

  • Marc Cohen

  • David Corson

  • Sandhya Dayal

  • Martin Ditto

  • Elizabeth Donley

  • Elizabeth Duggal

  • Kitty Eisele

  • James Epstein

  • Justin Fishkin

  • John Fisk

  • Mark Frey

  • Rachel Fry

  • Prem Garg

  • Douglas Gill

  • Amanda Greenberg

  • Scott Greenberg

  • Rosalyn Gonzalez

  • Kate Goodall

  • David Gorodetski

  • Gilbert Guarino

  • Bob Guberman

  • Elizabeth Hadden

  • Thomas Hardart

  • Twanna Harris

  • Gazelle Hashemian

  • Michael Heller

  • Megan Imbert

  • Matthew Indre

  • Natasha Iwegbu

  • Fred Jackson

  • Stephanie Jojokian

  • Kenneth Jones

  • JP Morgan Chase

  • Robert Kang

  • Janaki Kates

  • Courtney Keene

  • Kunio Kikuchi

  • Dan Kunze

  • Eric and Susi Larsen

  • LaKesha C. Lee

  • Emily Lenzer

  • Erik Linn

  • Mark Lowham

  • Nancy Lynch

  • Rhona Lyons

  • Alethia Maciel

  • Emily Madam

  • Mike Malloy

  • Laura Manatos

  • MDP 1351 Wisconsin LLC

  • Joseph Mechlinski

  • Carol Melton

  • Martha Metz

  • Dan Mindus

  • Ian Morgan

  • Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

  • Eric and Hannah Motley

  • Peter O’Keefe

  • Sara O’Keefe

  • Ruben Olmos

  • Opalack Foundation

  • Kobby Osei-Kusi

  • Denielle Pemberton-Heard

  • Kevin Peters

  • Max Peterson

  • Paris Perrault

  • Jeffrey Prost-Greene

  • Scott Rechler

  • The Robert and Mary Haft Foundation

  • Kimberly Johnson Roberts

  • Anthony Salinas

  • Karen Schaufeld

  • Margaret and Eric Scheyer

  • Cosette Schulties

  • Patricia Simonton

  • Marie Smeallie

  • Karyn Smith

  • David and Courtney Straus

  • Jennifer Sparks

  • Alicia Sokol

  • Lia Summers


  • D. Marlene Thomas

  • Jonathan Thomas

  • Kei Tolliver

  • Annie Totah

  • Beth Tuttle

  • Mark and Masae Uyeda

  • Felipe Valdez

  • Kerone Vatel

  • Jennifer Vermillion

  • Carolyn Vigil

  • Hua Wang

  • Alfred Watkins

  • Eric Warden

  • Katarina Weir

  • Amna Werdel

  • JoAnn Willis

  • Tammy Wincup

  • Wendee Wolfson

  • World Learning

  • Rahama Wright

  • Robert Wright

  • Catherine Wyler

  • Prashanthi Yeruva

Halcyon Mentors, Partners & Advisors

  • Samantha Abrams

  • Yemi Akinsanya

  • Mohhamad Al Obaidat

  • Blake Bath

  • Alex Budak

  • Barbara Beizer

  • Maya Cohen

  • Belinda Collins

  • Chrystal Checketts

  • Tom Davidson

  • Sandhya Dayal

  • Ted DeZabala

  • Liz Doerr

  • Sean Doran

  • Ellen Eisenberg

  • Howard Eisenberg

  • Chinedu Enekwe

  • Aly El El Shalakany

  • Jeff Erickson

  • Jeremy Faber

  • Bill Fanjoy

  • Tom Fox

  • Hans Frech La Rosa

  • Gerald Gallagher

  • Maggie Goff

  • Dory Halati

  • Bejamin Hubner

  • Sari Hweitat

  • Rutendo Hwindingwi

  • Shalonda Ingram

  • Raymond J. Janvier

  • Samantha Justice

  • Heather Lawver

  • Marc Laitin

  • Michelle Levister

  • Wendy Luke

  • Melvin Malaka

  • Monique Malley

  • Helen Manich

  • Julie Matheson

  • Rashad Moore

  • Carson Morell

  • Stephanie Morrison

  • Kayla Nelson

  • Nick Netchvolodoff

  • Eric Noggle

  • Ross Nover

  • Cathy Nyce

  • Sam Offer

  • Erik Olsen

  • Robin Olsen

  • Dara Padwo-Audick

  • Micky Pant

  • Laura Pearlstein Mills

  • Eliot Pence

  • Rashida Peterson

  • Ben Pincus

  • David Porteous

  • Zenia Raudsepp

  • Aynat Ravin

  • Nancy Reller

  • Susan Riker

  • Mary Robinson

  • Harrison Roday

  • Amanda Russo

  • Mark Sachs

  • Janet Schwarz

  • Jeremy Sherman

  • Kyle Sigmund

  • Landry Signe

  • Bob Smith

  • Gale Thompson

  • Karen Wawrzaszek

  • Eziel Wedemeyer

  • Nicole Weissman

  • Sue Wheeler

  • David Wilson

  • Rosalind Wilson

  • Wendee Wolfson

“Y” is for YOU, because our community members make Halcyon’s work possible. Consider a donation to sustain this work and help accelerate the impact-driven future of business. Please consider a donation here.

If you are interested in donating to or partnering with Halcyon, please contact Kim Johnson Roberts, Chief Development Officer by sending an email to k.roberts@halcyonhouse.org or calling (202) 374-8385.